The journey begins…

As a elementary student, I started writing stories.  These stories began with a grandiose plot idea, usually involving death, divorce, financial ruin, big move to another country, or all of the above, and they never ended.  I don’t mean that they went on forever; they just never were concluded because I couldn’t finish them.  I think the major problem was that I looked at all the problems I had introduced and had no idea how to resolve them.  Since when did I know anything about divorce or financial ruin?  I’d lived in the same house my entire life and had never lost anyone I loved at the time.  I stopped writing stories because you can’t write what you don’t know.

In middle school, teachers must have assumed that we enjoyed writing short stories, so they assigned at least one every year.  I think many of my classmates enjoyed it, getting to write something creative instead of didactic.  I spent far too much time trying to pick the perfect topic, the most creative and clever one I could think up.  The stories were never really up to par.  I couldn’t fit everything in that I wanted to.  Essays, on the other hand, were a complete joy.  Word limits, specific topics versus ambiguous instructions to “write a short story,” and just a little bit of creative license.

That is one of the main reasons why I blog.

Blogging offers lots of tries to get something right.  If I botch a post about french fries, I can try it again in a couple months from a different angle.  I can ask hard questions of myself and the world around me or write about how silly it is that my family goes through butter so quickly.

But mostly, I can write.  The two things in this world I am most passionate about are Jesus and writing.  In my blog, you will find them combined in nearly every post.  I write because I am called to, because I can hardly keep quiet, and because if you have a dream, you should start living it as soon as possible.

I’m Ashley, a college student meandering between Minnesota and Chicago.  I’m learning to take myself seriously, and this is my blog.  Thanks for being here.  I hope you return often (and subscribe).

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