Forgetting and moving in/on.


Yep, It’s already happening. I’m already compiling a list of things I forgot at home. It’s another one of those moments where I just have to resign myself to my humanity and be thankful that UPS exists.

I know, the green Sharpie pen doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal, but believe me, it is. You can’t just leave your favorite pen at home. Not when you’re a writer. At least I didn’t leave my Tide-to-go pens at home. Nope, they’re safely packed in a little cardboard box.

Today is move-in day, which feels weird since I thought I just moved into my freshman dorm pretty recently. Or maybe that was moving out. Time has really begun to fly by this year. It has a jet now, I believe. Or maybe a rocket. Maybe just wings. Either way, I’m sure I’m not ready for this. I’m still wrapping my mind around being a first year college student, but now that ship has sailed.

I spent the last few minutes trying to articulate something about how to embrace transitions, but then I deleted it all. Let’s be real; I don’t know what I’m talking about. I know that fully embracing the change before I felt its reality helped, but I don’t have three easy steps for how to embrace it. I really don’t know what I’m doing, but I know who is doing it with me. I know that I’m following Jesus into sophomore year and that it’ll make all the difference.

Side note: Sometimes people knock on the door while you’re blogging in your pajamas, and it’s the person who owns the apartment your parents are renting. And you’re the only one available to answer it. So you just pretend that you aren’t wearing pink, striped pajamas and that you have done your hair and makeup this morning. And it turns out all right.

So, there’s Saturday for you.


Scatterbrained Saturday.

It’s one of those days where I have nothing and everything on my mind. Nothing cohesive. Everything jumbled together. Thoughts like why did I dream that my house was on fire last night? why was that person outside my house when I jumped out of the second story window? obviously in the dream. Did they set it on fire? Why was my first response to call the doctor? Why didn’t he pick up? Also, this lipstick that I just found under my sink is a great color. And I think I want a quesadilla for lunch even though the salsa we have now is kind of spicy.

Yes, folks. It’s a list kind of day. Not a list of any particular kind, just a list so that we don’t have those awkward segues we sometimes have from one topic to another.

1. If I were to count and do the meticulous research involved, I’m pretty sure that this post would be the most viewed on my site. WordPress tells me what posts people view everyday (not like your name and address, just a number of how many people viewed a post), and this one pops up all the time. People must find it when they search “how to get blueberry stains out of car upholstery” on Google, but the funny thing is that only about a sentence of that post is devoted to an actual cleaning how-to.  It’s nice to think that I’m not the only one who has ever had a blueberry pie throw up on the seat of my car. (that’s what happens when you let the pie ride in front)

2. I leave for school in 13 days, which is causing both excitement and anxiety. There’s stuff to get done before then. Plus, once I’m there, I won’t be home for two months and will a pretty busy time of it. I’m trying to just write things down as I think of them, not panic while I think of it. August 23rd doesn’t seem so far away.

3. My sister gets married 5 months from today. It feels like she just started dating the guy – but that was over four years ago. So I’m pretty certain that the remaining five months will fly by. Goodness gracious, we must be adults then if she’s going to be married. Where did childhood and adolescence go?

Thank you for bearing with me on scatterbrained Saturday. 

blessings of a Saturday.

DSCN0004Any day that starts out with crepes can’t be too bad.

Also, any January day that isn’t bitterly cold is pretty good, actually.

Especially when it includes a sight like this.  If you get to see anything in Chicago, stand on the steps of the Field Museum at sunset and just enjoy.  It’s beautiful.

Since it’s barely still today, that’s all I’ll say.