Closet working.

I’ve always wanted to believe that I’m a really focused person, that I rarely get distracted and have the capability to zero in on one thing for an extended period of time.

I wish that was true.

I’ve learned in the past year, with much reluctance, that I’m incredibly easily distracted. I read an article in the Huff post┬álast week about characteristics of introverts, and being easily distracted was among them. I reluctantly looked back on all my experiences with trying to study last year, particularly when I was with another person or around excessive stimuli. Yes, yes, I am easily distracted.

You’ve probably already realized this. You, who read these posts and know their erratic nature. I’m glad that I’m on board now, too. If I know that I’m easily distracted, that means that I can cater to myself. I can pause my music while I blog so that I can fully finish one task without my mind wandering. It really is better to do one thing well and in one sitting without constant mind-wanderings than to try to listen to music and eat pretzels and write a philosophy paper at the same time, especially when I know I will inevitably be distracted by a certain section of the music that resonates with me or a particularly salty pretzel. It will happen.

This is why its good that my desk is in the closet. Yes, that’s a literal statement. My desk is in our closet (mostly because there wasn’t room for it elsewhere), but that already keeps me at least 10 feet away from the kitchen, and my roommate isn’t in my line of sight while I work.

Sometime in the next week (aka, after all the furniture is in place and all the boxes are put away), I’ll share pictures of my apartment with you, then you can see what I’m talking about,

Here’s the takeaway: if you are easily distracted, put your desk in the closet or in a similar environment. Then, get your stuff done.