Today’s a good day. Liesel and I started the day off with raspberry chocolate chip pancakes, then she got good news and so did I. The sun’s shining, and water is dripping off the rooflines in Chicago. It’s still chilly, but the vitamin D and hope the sun provides are enough to withstand any temperature. (I say that hoping it’s not put to the test)

I often want to be a cat on days like these. Granted, I don’t want to eat mushed up fish from a can or cough up hairballs, but I would love to spend today sleeping on a windowsill in the warm sunlight and purring. The alternative is to sit by the window and not purr but still be satisfied. It’s a pretty good substitute.

On bad days, I try to remember the good ones and to just keep pressing on towards what’s next, hoping that it’s better. I keep the day in perspective, remembering that not all days are like that. On good days, though, I feel more content, like I should just bask in the glory of a good day.

I’m thinking I should treat today like a grizzly bear might. I mean, I learned this year that bears don’t actually hibernate (WHAT? blew my mind), but they still eat while it’s warm and while there’s a food supply and live off their surplus in the dead of winter.

My good days are just as much of a catalyst to remember that not all days are like today. How can I seize the goodness of today and use it to propel me into tomorrow? I’m sure curling up like a cat would feel nice, but how would it bring more joy into the more dreary days where the sun goes behind thick layers of could cover and victories are scarce?

This won’t last forever. (Call me a Debbie downer) No really, it won’t. The sunshine will turn to dusk, and the weather will freeze all that just melted. So it’ll be up to me to remember how it feels to not despair that winter will last forever or that my to-do list will never be empty.

It’s the perspective of a harvester. Gather your crops while they’re alive. So, I’m harvesting sunlight and victories today.

divinely rolling with the punches.

I believe in divine appointments.  I kind of thought I was making one when I called the salon on Wednesday.  Yes.  12:15 sounds great.  uh-huh.  We’ll see you then.  Thanks so much.

12:15.  Right, so when I dropped Brooke at an intersection in uptown Minneapolis, telling her to go check in (while I successfully parallel parked, amid impatient drivers), I was thinking I’d have a new ‘do within an hour or so.

Instead, I found myself in a movie theater, watching Anna Karenina.  Bunny trail: If you read the book, see the movie.  It was fabulous, and so true to the themes and messages and characters in that brilliant work.  If you didn’t read the book, you probably won’t be able to appreciate the unique staging and some of the nuances of the movie, but I bet you’ll still follow the general storyline all right… and you might even enjoy it.

Back to my story: I thought the appointment was at 12:15.  I think that’s what the lady on the phone said.  I’m like 99% sure that’s what we agreed on.  But, then again, my hearing isn’t super great. I may have heard what I wanted to hear.  Anyways, the salon said, nope, your appointments are at 5:15.  

What are two young gals to do in uptown Minneapolis for five hours?  Answer: shop for spices at Penzey’s, sneak french fries into Anna Karenina, enjoy Anna Karenina, and go to the quirky bookstore while you wait for your appointments.

It wasn’t planned, but it turned out well.  And that’s not even the end of it.

I usually get my hair done by a stylist in Wayzata.  (and by usually, I mean that every two months I head over there, desperate for a trim) She’s fast, thinks I’m sweet, knows my hair at least as well as I do, and we have a good time.  I was looking forward to seeing her when I came home.

But when I found myself in Sophia’s chair, hearing about how she’s living her dream, how she’s grounded in faith and wants the same for her 16 year old son, I think God had a different appointment in mind for me.  Granted, it took double the time that it normally does since she was a little newer to the trade. It was well worth the time spent.

We were late for dinner, and nothing turned out how we planned it today, but it was lovely.  I guess sometimes you just roll with the punches, see a movie, and end up in a different stylist’s chair.

And you have a good day.