Heat waves and Jesus.

Can anybody say, ‘heat wave?’ Then in the same breath, can you say, ‘sticky, sweaty, crabby, brainless, and whiny?’

That was the past couple days. Fortunately, it’s cooled off a bit today.

Last night, as I washed the grime and sweat off, I felt worn out. Man, heat really takes it out of you, I thought. It makes you feel crabby and lethargic and gross. I don’t think I acted like Jesus much today, but I was just so warm. I was so sweaty. It’s understandable.

Then it hit me.

Jesus totally understands hot weather. He lived in the Middle East. If there’s a chance He wouldn’t understand something, it’s probably the perpetual winter of the Midwest. Jesus was hot and sweaty and dusty, all day, every day. If not because the weather was hot and humid because He was walking around healing people and bringing the dead to life and preaching on hills.

That makes His kindness while He walked the earth even more outstanding. I don’t know if I just assumed that it was sunny with a high of 75 every day of Jesus’ ministry, but I’ve never thought about weather.

I could say that it motivates me to try harder to love people even when I’m hot and sticky, but it actually makes me want to throw up my hands. And I think that’s what Jesus wants me to do, to accept the reminder that I can’t live a life worthy of the calling I have received without Him. There’s always going to be something that affects me: tiredness, irritation, busyness, snow… you name it.

So I have to just throw up my hands. It’s not about trying harder. It’s about depending more fully.

Holding tightly.

So maybe it was the coffee, but I doubt it.  Do you ever have those days where someone’s speaking to a large group – in class or church or on the radio – but they are actually just speaking to you?

They’ve obviously examined your thoughts recently and seen that you were feeling a little uncertain about something.  They’ve looked into your mind and noticed patterns of thought that aren’t up to code.

And because they are so concerned with you, they spoke directly to you for a class period or sermon.  They decided it was worth it to put aside their own agenda and the needs of the rest of the class because you needed to hear something.

Actually, that might just be Jesus, using some person unknowingly to speak into your life.  I’m pretty positive that it is.  Pretty much 100%.

So you leave class with a huge smile on your face, a bounce in your step, a renewed vision in your heart.  And Monday doesn’t seem so bad after all.  It actually seems like it is full of possibilities, full of joy, full of opportunity.

Full of Jesus.

This is the part where I have to keep my joy and renewed spirit close, to remember that there’s someone out there who wants to steal it from me, to keep me from being everything that I was made to be.

I’m holding on tight to my joy today.  TIGHT.  Not letting this slip from my fingers.