Shampoo and my inner whiny six-year-old

All I needed was conditioner, so I stopped at Cub after work. I put a few things to take to work with me in my cart: some yogurt, and oh, yes, we do need peanut butter, avocados are on sale, those look good and they’re organic, it’s getting close to dinner time and I don’t have a plan so I’ll buy that, and we’re out of bananas.

I stopped in the hair aisle to grab the last thing I needed only thing I actually needed and made my way to the checkout.


I guess I was more tired than I thought. I just looked at the bottle I picked up and realized that I bought shampoo.


Today my body and mind are acting like 6-year-olds on a long walk.

This morning, when my alarm went off.

Me: Okay, time to get up.

Body: NAwwwwwww, it’s too earrrly. We’re still tiiiired. It’s daaark outside. We don’t waaaant to get up.

Me: But we have to get up to get to work on time. Remember, we like work.

Body: Too sleepy. Don’t maaaake me. My throat hurrrrrrts. A loooooot.

Me: We’re getting out of bed now.

Body breaks down in hissy fit on the floor, sobbing about how I don’t love it anymore and never let it do anything it wants.

Me: Yes I do, remember how you didn’t want to work out the other day and I let you? And when I gave you that extra cup of coffee you were asking for?

Body: (between hiccups and sobs) Yeah. But that was just that one tii-iiime. You don’t love me anymore.

My body is obviously delusional.

But also maybe onto something. I’ve gotten sick enough to know the signs and to know I can’t reason my body out of this one.

It’s a funny thing, how you can often talk yourself out of being sad or out of sorts (whether you actually feel better or not), but when it comes to getting sick, you don’t get to call the shots. You can take all the precautions and preventative measures, but the illness is going to come whenever it jolly well likes.

I took the evening off tonight. I canceled commitments and plans. I sat on the couch with a book and got ready for bed at 8:30.

Sometimes it’s good to cater to the whiny 6-year-old inside. It’s not always exaggerating.


One thought on “Shampoo and my inner whiny six-year-old

  1. Love, love, love this. It explains my body’s temper tantrums a lot especially on Mondays. You are so awesome at your writing Ashley. It brings me right into the situation. Hug hug.

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