This is just to say

I worked eleven hours at two different jobs today. And while I probably won’t win any contests with that number, it was enough that I desperately wanted a tiny little ball of the chocolate chip cookie dough that was in the fridge, the leftovers from pizookie on my birthday.

So I grabbed a spoon and did it. I’ll write an apology poem later. It was so sweet. And so cold.

But I probably only have to apologize to my body for eating sugar this late at night. I didn’t eat all the cookie dough. Just a little bit.

Last time we talked, I was getting my car repaired and paying lots of money for it and finding out that I really should pay more money to have more repairs done on it, and I knew something that you didn’t know.

But now you can know.

I got a job. A real, big-girl, bill-paying (eventually), eight to five, start-your-401(k), don’t-clock-hours, cubicle job.

More than that, a job that’s right smack dab in line with what I care about and what I’m good at.

All week, the people in my life at church and in my retail job and my family have been asking me, “So?”

It’s nice that I’ve been able to respond positively, and even nicer that the positivity is true.

Nicer still that they know and ask. My goodness, the tribe of people who have been (genuinely) thrilled that I got gainful employment is beyond understanding. I’m learning a lot about rejoicing with those who rejoice by the experience.

So, this is just to let you know that God provided a great job in better timing than I know with a whole host of added blessings that I never expected and am still a little in awe of. And to say thank you if you were one of those who has rejoiced with me.


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