2015’s Testimony

I’m quickly realizing that 2015 was one of my most documented years (other than my months of study abroad, where every meal was documented). So in looking back at what happened, the pictures say much of it best.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and there are over 100 in here, so I’ll let them speak for the most part. They convey the spirit of 2015 well, but there’s a lot that wasn’t documented because it couldn’t be.

Like the month I didn’t have a phone. I was off the grid for a while. And you won’t see pictures of the classes I took or meetings I had. You won’t see pictures of hours and hours spent at a study carrel in the library or sitting on my favorite couch homeworking. Or when I was trying to do homework and getting distracted.

You won’t see pictures of heartfelt conversations or prayers said or sermons heard  or books read or tasks completed. Those may have been the most significant moments.

Life is not lived on camera, even if you’re on reality tv. At least, not the best life. The flies on the walls of our lives have a better view. They see discouragement before it turns into hope and fear before it resolves to courage and happiness before disillusionment.

The pictures do help though. It’s pieces of a year. Here’s the abridged version of my 2015!

February: Liesel helped me dye my hair bright red. Did I know it would be that bright? No.

I took my first business trips to St. Louis for a sales conference (where I realized I’m not really a sales person) and for a fashion revolution celebration.

Spent a lot of time with these cuties, eating ice cream, playing in the sunshine, being silly.

Watched some of the coolest people play music: Switchfoot, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Needtobreathe, Ben Rector, Judah & the Lion. Brooke passed out on me at one of those concerts, and it was super scary but we learned an important lesson about hydration on super hot days when you’ve been standing outside for 6 hours.

Two of my friends married each other! And some high school friends and I got to witness the blessed event.

And there were friends. So many, doing so many things. Eating (often), holding the Genovian flag, seeing Broadway shows, painting, asking Siri if she has a personal relationship with Jesus, making soup, walking a long way in the snow to get to church, holding a stuffed platypus.

There were holidays; we celebrated them together.

I lived in a house in the fall. You already know about that.

I hung out with my parents more than before. Dad and I went to a food truck fair, Mom and I worked at Art2Heart together, there was mini golf, there were car trips.

There were some personal accomplishments, like working full-time (represented by the branded cookies), writing a memoir, finishing that darn to-do list, helping change my own car battery (let’s be real, I didn’t do much of it, but I watched), and graduated.

There were Twins games! I saw them win like once, and Tori Hunter got real mad at one of them. A sight to behold.

I got to spend quality time with my sissy. She visited me twice in Chicago (once when I was phoneless), and once we rode the Megabus together… not something we’re going to do again. There’s nothing like sisterhood.

I visited family, and they visited me! It was a year of reconnecting and discovering that I am master of my own time as an adult and am capable of purchasing plane tickets.

And there we have it. A year for the books, 12 months of life wrapped up.

And that’s not all of it, because there’s always more than what we see. Probably more happened than I could even remember.

You could apply most adjectives to this year and find they stick in some way or another.

Now, onward to 2016, where the path in unknown, but the Partner is certain.

One thought on “2015’s Testimony

  1. That is really cool, glad you had a good year. How did you enjoy STL? I am about twenty minutes from there….but honestly don’t get over to that side of the river as much – I live on the Illinois side. What are you most looking forward to in 2016? I might be moving to Nashville, TN so that is kinda awesome…I also think i would like to make it up to Chicago one more time before venturing down to Tennessee.

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