Burned toast saves the day.

It was Kirsten’s birthday yesterday. You remember how we celebrated Kristin’s birthday (don’t get confused, look at the spelling of those two names again) by creeping into her room in the dark with breakfast?

We haven’t had another in-house birthday since then, but we also celebrated the end of cross country for Mia and Zoe with a surprise party. We like surprises here, especially when they mean food.

So naturally, Kristin got the idea to make Kirsten an ice cream cake about two months ago. She’d been plotting for weeks to make sure we would have enough people home when Kirsten was at Zoology.

We baked a cookie in a cake pan first and put it in the freezer to cool before we could put the ice cream layer on top.

Then we had a problem.

“It smells too good in here! She’ll be home in ten minutes”

“She’s going to know! She can’t know”

We sprayed febreeze, but that wasn’t enough to get rid of the delicious cookie smell. The surprise had to wait until 10pm, when the majority of people would be home, so the house could not smell. Mia and Kristin had washed and put away all the dishes related to cookie baking, so that part was taken care of. But what to do about the smell.

Zoe suggested warming up some of her super sharp cheddar in the microwave, but we weren’t sure it’d be smelly enough to cover it up.

So we burned toast.

Not only did we burn toast, but to make sure that none of the first floor would smell of delicious cookie, I took the toast in the tongs and waved it around. Burned toast smell reigned supreme.

We were so concerned about Kirsten coming home and catching us putting the ice cream layer on the cake and smelling the cookie, but it turns out she didn’t come home when we thought she would. We even had Zoe stand on a chair while Kristin and I hurriedly spread ice cream around and crushed Oreos. But no Kirsten. She came home much later, after all the evidence had moved.

So technically it was all for nothing. But it wasn’t all for nothing. We made memories.

And she was surprised by the cake.



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