We’re more than multitaskers

Today is one of those days where I had a lot to do and got a lot done but still have more. It’s been harder and harder to want to dig into these analytical papers I’m writing since I’m doing them all at the same time.

I was not made to multitask. (can I get an amen?) Hallelujah, I was made to do one thing at a time.

Right now it doesn’t matter how I work best. It matter that I still need to finish these papers. And they still need to be as good as I can make them, not because I need good grades at this point, but what’s the point in finishing if I’m not going to do it well?

So, it’s time for a pep talk. Maybe you’re trying to do everything at once right now, too. Tis the season of trying to do too much, right?

Hey, there, you? Can I have a minute? Can you put down the balls for just one minute and stop your juggling? We’ve talked about this before, how it doesn’t all depend on you. Yes, rest in that.

It will not all fall apart if you stop in the middle of the day to take a power nap. The world will keep spinning, and when you get up, you’ll feel stronger on your feet. Everyone will not turn on you if you take a snack break or put down the thing you’ve struggled with for a couple hours already. You’ll go back to it soon enough.

I know you think everyone else is getting more done. Maybe they are. Maybe they’re super-doers. But you just do what you can, one thing at a time. Chunk it up, is what my mom always said. So you do this little section of that today, and then, it’s done. And you save that little section for tomorrow. And you do little sections of everything until you can solve the puzzle.

Yes, this is Wheel of Fortune. Buy a vowel, guess one letter at a time, and when you’re ready, close the whole project off.

Yes, there are things you can’t do today. You can’t finish everything today. But that’s not worth focusing on. What can you do? One piece.

The other day my friend sent me a picture of an entire pizza with the caption “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you just believe in yourself.” That’s the spirit. And take it one slice at a time.

You’re capable. You’ve done things before. Maybe not this, maybe not all these, but you can do it. You’ll do. You will.

Just one thing at a time. To misquote the Bible, “We’re more than multitaskers.”

We’ll take the motivation as it comes, right? We’ll do what we can and maybe even a little of what we thought we couldn’t. And we’ll make it through.

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