Good is on the way

I sat at my dining room table in the seat where I can see out the front windows and watched a guy rollerblade past.

It’s November 4th, and he just rollerbladed by in a sweatshirt. The sun is shining, and the leaves are still on the trees – some of them even still green.

I had a thought yesterday, Today is a perfect day. I felt like I had to check myself because I never say perfect and mean it. Perfect is a nearly unusable word since nothing ever is.

But yesterday very nearly was. Not because of what happened but because of how it felt. (even though it certainly wasn’t a bad day- I spent a few hours of it working at the chocolate shop near campus making oreo turkeys)

We’ve had cold weather here in the past few weeks. Not too cold, but the wind got pretty strong and cold there for a few days. It’s hard to feel light on those days. I mean, you can feel light because it feels like the wind might pick you up and dump you a few blocks away, but lightness of heart is harder to come by.

Those days are cloudy. Nobody skips.

Nobody rollerblades.

Yesterday and today feel light. The weather has hit 70 both days. We’ve worn short sleeves and sunglasses.

It feels like a gift, a concession for the cloudy days and a reminder that you never know what good thing is about to come your way.

I’d like to live like good is coming more of the time.

One thought on “Good is on the way

  1. Love this Ashley. Took Watson for a walk last night and I thanked God for the “perfect” weather and then proceeded to tell him I truly will try my hardest to thank him for the cold and snow too. :-)

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