Day two in the wild.

Woman walks the streets of Chicago, wandering in and out of classrooms and grocery stores and houses… without a cell phone. She’s been living like this for a couple days now, since her phone went haywire. Will she make it? We’re not sure. So far, she’s had a glazed over look in her eyes and has had more conversation with the live human beings around her, but we’re not sure if this is a fluke or a trend that will continue as we observe her. 

It’s not clear whether this is a permanent or temporary state of existence, but we have seen her reach for an unknown object in her purse only to zip it back up, shaking her head a bit as if to clear it. No, no, there’s no telephonic device in there. 

It’s the second day of my cell phone-less existence. So far no buildings have blown up, no thwarted communication has made life difficult, no one has died for my lack of phone.

It seems my lot in life that every couple of years my phone will start seizing up after a software update and need to be sent in for repairs (possibly without any hope of being able to repair it).

I am free and disconnected, truly unreachable at times.

It feels wonderfully counter-cultural to be without my phone and wildly disconcerting.

Oh, my mom might know about that. I’ll call her. Oh, wait, I can’t.

Oh, my bank charged me for something stupid again. I’ll call them and threaten to change banks. Oh wait…

So I just keep Facebook and my email open on my computer and hope that the pattern of things going just fine continues.

It’s made me think about whether or not the smart phone life should be mine. Should I go back to my dumb phone with the slide out full keyboard? That thing would have lasted more than a couple years, especially if I didn’t drop it. Is it a coincidence that this has happened twice?

While I wait to find out the fate of my phone from the repair center in Texas (why don’t they have one closer to here? I don’t know), I’ll enjoy feeling more present and aware. I’ll see more of the leaves on the trees change. I won’t take pictures anywhere but my mind.

Woman seems resigned to her position without cellular device. She gets into bed with her Kindle and sets her small travel alarm clock so it will beep in the morning and keep her from wanting to press the ‘snooze’ button. 

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