Aylan and the wind

It has been so hot and sticky this whole week. I’m sticking to my computer keys as I write this. There isn’t much hope for respite, either. We’re all just sweating our brains out.

It’s stagnant, humid, and hot, the worst kind. Barely a breeze.

Have you read Ann Voskamp’s post for today?

If you haven’t, you should.

Aylan drowned trying to flee ISIS. He was three years old. That is a sentence that should never be written, not truly. “He was three years old.” Not when it means finality.

Ann wrote that he could have come to their house, played with their new pet bunny, eaten cherry tomatoes out of their garden, been welcomed in just as we were all welcomed in at some point.

But he wasn’t. He died.

And he isn’t the only one.

What do you and I do in situation like this? We sit, astonished that the horrors of our world have not yet halted but instead gotten worse. We cry. We wonder what could be done.

We give money?

I tweeted at my representatives. Meager efforts. Without a miracle, it’ll be buried in their daily correspondence and never resurface.

Without a miracle.

What would that miracle look like? Governments opening their borders, willing citizens opening their homes. It would look like safety. It would take people to do it, and it would have to start with people in power.

I thought of the red tape required for anything to get done and sighed. Then I sat back in my chair, feeling helpless.

Then a great gust of wind blew through the back porch where I’m sitting. It was cool and smelled like rain.

That’s what we need. We need a great gust of holy wind to blow these refugees to safety and relief from fear.

We need to pray.

I don’t understand prayer, not totally. But I know that God is invested in creating peace and refuge, that he cares about refugees, and that he listens to prayers.

Will you pray up a mighty wind? That our lawmakers and leaders will see how imperative it is that we welcome in these people and show them safety, that there will be a way when there seems to be none.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.


One thought on “Aylan and the wind

  1. I also have many moments like these where the world seems so dark yet I feel so helpless to do anything about these troubling occurrences. But then I think of God and his amazing grace. He is fully capable to change any and all situations that exist. My prayers seem so insignificant but I know in my heart that He is longing for us to reach out to him for everything, no matter how big the situation may seem to us. Now to just pray.

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