City on a hill.

I was trying desperately to think of what the promise is for a new chapter a few minutes ago. I was trying to blog my way into it. If I start writing, it will come. But a few paragraphs in, it sounded trite and forced.

What is the promise when you step into a new chapter?

I have a hard time with some of the Christian radio stations because I get cynical and can’t deal with sappy. And sometimes, I just plain can’t handle the music. That’s a confession from a real person who just has preferences and sometimes needs to get over herself in order to hear truth. And sometimes she just needs to change the station because the intent is good, whether or not the content is.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing these songs all summer. And they were just a little too peppy for me, most mornings. I need slow, reassuring songs before work. Something calm, maybe a weather report and an encouraging testimony.

But the past couple days, they’ve been hitting home – breaking past the crusty exterior that wants to say it’s not really that great music, not that profound.

The Gospel is simple – profound, yes, but simple. A mystery, yes, but the concept of a people needing a Redeemer and getting exactly that is simple. So simple words, simple melodies might just be exactly what it needs.

The promise when we walk into a new chapter is that we’re a city on a hill, which is really to say that we’re nothing at all but that the unfamiliar does not faze the God who has placed his marvelous light in us. The promise when we step out of one thing and into something else is that God stays the same and will be glorified in His people.

I’d never thought that being a city on a hill was a testament to who God was. I thought it was a reminder that people were watching, that the church needs to up its game. But the city on the hill, though its position makes it visible, only plays a part in keeping its lamps lit. It doesn’t determine how far or how bright the light shines or who sees it.

No matter where I am or how well I am doing, I am still a child of the King of light. My shortcomings do not overcome what Christ is doing and has done in me (I don’t completely understand the process, what has been done and what is yet to come, but I know it’s good).

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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