On leaving

It’s a day of lasts for me, again. My last day at my summer, godsend internship.

I walked from the bus stop to my office this morning with a new kind of wonder you can only achieve when you’re leaving. Will the scary mannequin in the window of that storefront still be there and still look like a human being when I come back? Will the bus schedule still be so that when I hit each crosswalk it has just turned to don’t walk?

The bus is taking me back to my suburb now for the last time for a while. I’m trying to savor it. Someone else is driving.

I said my goodbyes today and packed up the few things I’d brought to my cubicle. I left my keycard and a good portion of my hope that I might be back sometime soon.

This is the part where we brace ourselves. Headed straight into the onslaught on transition. Leaves will change, employment will change, the structure of any given weekday will change. It’s like getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner, swirled around for a bit, and spit back out onto a different rug.

Or, at least, that’s how it feels.

All for good purposes. One really should go back to school to finish the last semester.

Depending on the day and hour, this is both negative and positive, depending on what I’m excited to do and what I’m loathe to leave.

There will still be public transit in Chicago. It’s not like that makes up for everything.

But it’s definitely something.

2 thoughts on “On leaving

  1. Farewell. dear Ashley. I am trusting that our faithful Father in Heaven will keep teaching you and bringing you rich opportunities. LOVE to you, dear friend!

  2. Oh Ashley….and how many times I have heard in my life “change is good”. They are correct but it is also hard especially for us routine, anxious people. I am excited for you to return to school and another new adventure in your adult life. I pray God will bless you abundantly, protect you, and guide you not only in your everyday tasks but your life overall. I love you.

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