25 things I want to do before I’m 25.

I feel compelled to set goals today, like there are things to be learned and done, and if I don’t write it down, I’ll never do it.

I guess it all started when I thought to myself, I should learn how to use chopsticks well before I’m thirty. 

Then I thought, Well, maybe I need to learn to like food that you eat with chopsticks better. Because there are few Chinese dishes that I eat (hello, vegetarian here) and most of the Thai dishes I like are soupy or have long noodles that intimidate me and make me not want to try the chopsticks.

So that goes on the list, but because I don’t really do long-term goals well, let’s make it before I’m 25. Maybe you can make one for the next four years of your life, too, and we’ll say it’s not a mid-life crisis. It’s not that we don’t feel we’ve done anything with our lives thus far, we just see possibility in setting goals.

So, here are the 25 things I want to do before I’m 25.

1. Learn to use chopsticks proficiently and without looking or feeling stupid.

2. Learn to like more foods that you eat with chopsticks.

3. Finally have a place for everything and everything in its place. As in, to always be able to walk across the floor of my bedroom without hazard. (BTW, it’s a hygienic mess… just a little cluttered with my two lives coming together)

4. Write a full-length book. Maybe send it somewhere and get rejection letters or maybe just write it for the sake of writing. Then start another one.

5. Always be reading at least one book for pleasure and make it a habit to let it be the last thing I see at night. Not my phone. Not my computer. A book.

6. Leave the country and see one I’ve never seen before with someone I love.

7. Get better at saying, “I love you.” Because I forget and miss the moments I should say it and always think people know that I love them.

8. Have my own place. Not that I don’t love my parents or appreciate being able to live here, but I’d like to learn how to live on my own for real – bills and all.

9. Be a regular somewhere. Preferably at a coffee shop.

10. Take a dance class. This time preferably not in German.

11. Go camping again.

12. Get through all 500 prompts in my writing prompt book.

13. Learn how to either a) change a flat tire, b) change my oil, or c) be able to label all the parts of an engine and know their function in relation to the others. Maybe all three.

14. To better understand sanctification and how God uses it.

15. Take a vacation (no matter how short or close to home) by myself.

16. Master Excel.

17. Have a thriving vegetable garden.

18. To have permanently callused fingertips on my left hand… none of this “just when I have time to practice” thing.

19. Learn to like tofu.

20. Ease myself out of my hoarding tendencies and into a balanced mindset where not everything has sentimental value and not everything is bound for the dumpster.

21. Learn how to say, “no” and how to say, “yes” and when to employ them each respectively.

22. Have something published somewhere by someone who isn’t me. (Ambiguity intentional)

23. Meet Taylor Swift (you knew it was coming) and do something normal like bowling or something. Maybe take a selfie.

24. Become friends with a librarian somewhere.

25. Know a little bit more about who I am.

That’s 25. Those are probably not the only 25 things I will do before I’m 25, but maybe they’ll be among the many things. And maybe I’ll do others instead that I didn’t plan, and these will come later.

What would you do in the next four years of your life?

4 thoughts on “25 things I want to do before I’m 25.

  1. I love your goals and the fact that you have set them. Every year my friend and I go to a hermitage where we prayfully evaluate our goals and then determine which ones should be taken off the list and which should be added.

    7. I LOVE it!
    17. I love my veggie garden, albeit, it’s not thriving!
    19. Tofu? I wish I would like salmon, but have given up on that!
    20. Hoarding…if you every get a chance to clean out a semi-hoarder’s home, you’ll stop!

    Four goals for the next four years…
    1. Finish memorizing Matthew
    2. Your number seven plus hugs
    3. Lose weight and keep it off
    4. Play the sax as well or better than I play the flute

    Blessings to you on your endeavors!!

    • Oh I love fellow goal-setters!
      Some things I may never like – but I haven’t really given tofu a chance. I wrote it off as spongy….
      My problem with hoarding is that I see possibility in everything. It’s sometimes good but mostly hard to store – and pointless.
      Love your goals! We’ll check in in four years!

  2. Noodles are actually easier to eat with chopsticks than rice. And as a vegetarian you have no excuse for not loving Chinese food :-)

    I too want to be a regular in a coffee shop. I have one picked out; just don’t have time to go there often enough.

    I’ve got the calluses on the fingertips of my left hand but I’m now working on calluses on the pads too now that I’m playing bass more than guitar. Keep on playing and they’ll come.

    And don’t worry if you don’t reach all your goals by 25. It’s never too late to try new things and improve old things.

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