Forgetting and remembering.

I finished my bus book yesterday and forgot to put another one in my bag for today. This means I have about 60 minutes of travel time where I will be tempted to just play Word Chums instead of doing something a little more substantial.

The regret is real because I have so many books left to read this summer and so little time. That’s always the story though.

While we’re talking about things I’ve forgotten lately, let’s talk about how I forgot that July is the quickest month of summer. I also forgot that I haven’t graduated yet (well, not really, but I’ve gotten really settled into my life in Minnesota, working full-time and all that), so I have to go back to school in about four weeks.

You know how Facebook does that thing everyday where they’re like remember what you were doing on this day the past 6 years you’ve been on Facebook? Oh look! Here are some embarrassing statuses from your freshman year of high school that no one liked. Happy Tuesday!

Usually Facebook brings back my blog posts for me, which I usually don’t read.

Because I usually have a book. *sigh*

But today I read them. They were about communion and Batman (two separate posts, but really, would you be surprised if they were combined?). And I was so glad I’d kept those records. I typically count myself among the people who have great memories because I have a trivia brain, but I don’t remember some of the most significant things, like how obedience is holy and worth it.

So I didn’t read anything new today. I didn’t add to my page count for the summer, but I did get to revisit some old lessons. I’m thankful for the reminders.


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