Knees and Buzzfeed

Today I feel the need to apologize for my knees and to assure people that my behind is as far back in this bus seat as it can go.

It’s the hazard of sitting in the accordion folded section of the bus where you face inward and anyone in the second half of the vehicle must pass you in order to get to their seat.

Naturally, they assume your femurs must be normal length and that they are, therefore, safe to continue on their merry way without caution.

Not so, my friend. There have been many a knee bump today.

I’m tall-ish. This is my life. I accept it and likely won’t be apologizing for it.

Tall is one word I’ve used to describe myself, and definitely one others have used to kindly let me know that I have height (which I was obviously unaware of before). Blonde has at times also been a descriptor.

I was thinking about the ways we introduce ourselves to people yesterday. Like, in a sense I just introduced myself to those bus people by having my knees in their way. Hello, I have no control over the length of my legs and probably should have picked another seat.

I usually tell people I’m a student, writer, intern, daughter, sister, sales associate, not the manager but I can get one for you.

I use the labels I’ve been given, the titles I’ve received.

I’m an INFJ. I’m a 6. Buzz feed says my inner Disney Princess is Belle. I agree.

Like I have to beat around the bush because I’m not sure where the bush is and if I should be beating it. Who am I? Well, this is what I’ve been told from reliable sources.

At this stage in the game, I can only tell you what I’ve been told and have confirmed with experience. That’s this stage of life. And maybe just the way it goes, being human, that we must rely on a combination of outside and inside sources to find out who we are.

Then where there’s conflict between the two, we have a minor or major life crisis and eventually come out with a greater understanding of ourselves.

This probably doesn’t mean I need to take more Buzzfeed quizzes to spark the discussion within myself, but it probably does mean I need to be aware of which narratives and labels I’m accepting.

At least I know I can keep “tall.”


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