Choosing choosiness but only sometimes.

I have a new favorite pen. I just came across it by chance by searching in the office supply cupboard for a pen and paper. I realized that I had neither of them at my desk… and pens are kind of essential.

Oh my. I love this pen. I’ve never been a pen snob. I mean, not really. There are some pens that I really would rather not use – namely, every single one at Loft because they don’t work well on receipt paper. And that’s almost always what I’m writing on.

I had a Sharpie pen phase, which is now over because it’s a little too much like a marker.

But now. Ah. I have found it. Smooth ink, makes me feel like I’m writing with a quill pen (for some unknown reason I have yet to determine).

It’s the uni-ball onyx fine tip eco pen. I know. Nothing special. It’s a cheap pen. You can get a pack of 12 on Amazon for like $6. But seriously, it makes me wish my job included less typing and more calligraphy.

It has yet to leave me hanging in the middle of a letter. It’s a good weight, balanced well for comfortable writing. It doesn’t have the comfort gel grip, but I don’t like those anyways.

There’s some merit to just using whatever you’ve got to write with. I’m not about to start turning down perfectly good pens (as long as they can write… some pens don’t even do this). I’ve actually been thinking a lot lately about what in my life I want to be choosy about and what I should be less uptight about.

Examples: I have curly hair. I am protective of said curly hair. I buy special products for said hair to keep it happy. It’s not cheap, but it helps that I only wash it once or twice a week. These things I buy new, and I read the labels to make sure they are exactly what I want. I am less choosy about… well. Now that’s hard to say.

Is there anything I’m not choosy about?

I’m choosy about food (no meat! should be nutrient rich except when I feel like it shouldn’t be). I’m choosy about clothes (should be classy, versatile, and made with dignity), about shoes (must be supportive but not look like grandma-shoes… even though I love grandmas and their shoes), about my deodorant (gotta use the stuff that doesn’t give you cancer), about my coffee (weak coffee only belongs in the trash… with Folgers), about my bedtime (never stay up past midnight if you can possibly help it), about who talks to me in the morning before I’ve had coffee (no one, please).

It would probably be good for me to think through which of these are actually important. I have a great capacity to consider things important that may not actually be important. This is great when we’re talking about people. Everyone is valuable! Yay! However, it’s not great when we’re talking about things and how they have to be just so.

So the discovery of loving these pens is probably just something to tell my family for when they need to stuff my stocking at Christmastime and something to hold loosely the rest of the year. I can write with any pen – or pencil. Maybe I’ll even branch out to grandma shoes or actually using the shampoo and conditioner hotels provide.



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