Jean jackets and commuters.

Yesterday while we commuters were riding the express bus back to Maple Grove, the driver slammed on the brakes suddenly. Instantly, the comatose businesspeople of America popped their heads up from where they had been resting or playing Candy Crush to see what was going on.

It was like watching a bunch of moles stick their heads up from the ground. Hmm? What’s was that? Pop. Pop. Pop. Then they realized it was just ordinary rush hour traffic and went back to their post-work slump.

Today’s much the same minus the brakes. Everyone has their head down, most are not sitting next to anyone. If you ever want to meet a group of people who are fabulous at minding their own business, this would be it. Bus 781.

It was unofficial light wash jean jacket day at my office. Three of us sported almost identical jackets. And now there’s a man on my bus with long gray hair and red wired rimmed sunglasses that seems to have gotten the memo as well.

That’s slightly less exciting, but still, we obviously have something in common.

It’s a holiday weekend, so some people have already taken off for the cabin. Due to the lower stream of commuters, I parked on the first floor of the parking ramp today. Totally unprecedented. On the best days I park in one of the really hard to park in corner spots on the second ramp. Not that it really makes much difference since I still have to walk about the same distance to get to the bus. Still, it seemed like something to note, a change of pace.

People ask me how my job’s going a lot, which is nice. I tell them it’s good, that I like it, that I’m learning a lot. Sometimes they seem to have been expecting to hear more. And then I tell them it’s a lot of data entry. And they just nod and smile. I mean, I’m excited about the things that have been happening, but… a lot of it is these types of things.

Like, I ride the bus. And precious little happens on the bus, but the other day, the driver pulled away two minutes early and stopped for those of us who hadn’t gotten on. “I’m just so eager to get you all to work!” We laughed.

And like, I got my lunch at Whole Foods today, which is exciting, instead of bringing it from home. And I’ve been reading books at work since someone has to write the discussion questions.

It doesn’t make for a sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat story, but it’s my life. I mean, matching jean jackets are pretty exciting.


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