Catching up with Taylor.

Hey Tay Tay,

I’ve been reminiscing about our non existent friendship lately and felt the need to reach out again. We’ve both had a lot happen in our lives since I last wrote to you.

Let’s just do a quick recap of everything I’ve already told you, okay?

1. Dear Doppelganger – Wherein I let you know that there is a very long list of people who have told me that I look like you, and I listed some of our similarities.

2. Dear Taylor – More of a catchup letter, just letting you know I’m still here and still look like you. I also expressed concern for your heart, as you had been through quite a few boyfriends prior to that letter.

3. Copycat Hair – I accused you of copying me. I mean, you cut your hair short the week after I did. And it was dramatic, for both of us.

4. Updates for Taylor – Where I let you know that Austrians don’t know who you are (well, not most of them) and told you that we had more in common, just after I saw you on Jimmy Fallon discussing your gnarly glue gun scar.

5. Taylor and me, 2015 – Where I posted this lovely collage of us:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.58.54 PM to really drive home my point. I also caught you up on my life.

Aside from these posts, I’ve made a series of videos, some to try to get you to donate money to my Charity: Water birthday campaign (it’s too late now. You missed your chance), some just for the sake of dancing (2,390 views of the awkwardness on that one!).

I’m starting to resign myself to the smiling and nodding life. Yes, I do know that I look like Taylor Swift. Isn’t it funny? No, she doesn’t know me. Yes, I’ve tried. 

Is that so bad? No. I cannot tell you how many times you’ve been a conversation starter with people. I’ve met so many people that I would never have spoken to otherwise. I’ve had more meaningful encounters with cashiers, customers, strangers on public transit, and just about everyone else I would normally have little to talk about with.

So, thank you for looking like me (HA! has anyone ever told you that?).

Also, thanks for looking out for artists. I wasn’t sure what to think of your letter to Apple, but I love a whole bunch of indie artists who don’t have the budget you do and would be hurt by three months of streaming without pay. You’re using your power for other people, which is exactly how I think you should use it.

I was just typing something about how you’re on almost every radio station… and then “Bad Blood” came on Cities 97. OH MY.

Anyways, if by some miracle of the internet you see this, please come to Minneapolis and have lunch with me. Or bake cookies with me. Let’s be friends. That would make approximately 1500 people happy (I’m thinking of all the people who’ve told me I look like you… remember that this is not an exaggeration).

Happy Tuesday,


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