Permission to be ignorant


That’s my view right now. I’m sitting on the upper deck of my backyard and enjoying being outside after a full day inside without windows.

The soundtrack is one of my neighbors using some kind of leaf blower, which doesn’t make a lot of sense since most of the leaves are currently on the trees. Not a whole lot about this particular neighbor has ever made sense though.

All of you professionals who work 40+ hours a week will probably smile and nod as you read my thoughts about entering the full-time office work life and think awww, little intern. I wish I was through the newbie phase and into the seasoned veteran phase, but I’m not. 8 hour workdays don’t feel long to me, per se, but it’s definitely longer than I’m used to sitting at a desk and using a computer screen.

Every day when I come home, my right eye is a little bit bloodshot. It recovers pretty quickly, usually before I go to bed, but I must have that look all day. I try so desperately hard to keep good posture in my desk chair (which is not even, I’m sure of it. It’s lower on the left side) that my back is sore by the end of the day… and I thought the point of good posture was to prevent back pain?

People coddle interns a little bit. I mean, that doesn’t mean they give you all fun tasks and hold your hand while you do them (because much of my work thus far has been of the repetitive and solitary, but necessary type), but they thank you for doing them and ask you if you have a minute to talk about a project and explain things in simple terms. Rarely are you expected to know anything about the company, systems, people, or product. I have permission to be ignorant, which gives me latitude to ask all of my questions. (I have many…. so many)

Ignorance is bliss – not that I don’t wish to know things, but in being perceived as ignorant, I have a great capacity to learn from the experts. And the tasks they give me are educational in and of themselves, since they deal with the titles we publish and the people who write them and a whole bunch of other data that is starting to become familiar.

It’s great to be an intern – enough responsibility to feel productive but not too much to jam the works if I mess up, enough hours to make money but a set schedule that allows me to leave at my scheduled time and not only when I’ve finished my tasks, enough to do that I’m busy all the time but not so much that I’m overwhelmed with the weight of the world.

And Ashley surveyed her internship aside from the slight discomforts of sitting at a desk all day and saw that it was good.


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