I just heard Alistair Begg, as I passed through the living room to go write on the deck, chide his listeners to not read Cosmopolitan or any other “drivel” like it. I love that word – primarily because it makes me feel British to say it (or Scottish, since that would fit better considering Begg’s heritage) and secondarily because it’s a good word.

The first meaning in the dictionary (we’re using the Random House one this time) is drool or mucus dripping from the nose.

Drivel. Yes. Mucus dripping from the nose. Spit. What a picture that is, and what an apt description for some of the content that floods our modern world. It was a convicting little phrase to hear, especially considering that if that’s all I’m consuming, I’ll be full of mucus. I think of all the pointless “news” Facebook puts in my sidebar. Sometimes I scoff at it: “Famous Woman wears outfit on street, and it’s not flattering.”

These are the headlines we see. And sometimes…. sometimes I click on them. I take the bait and read the story. It’s like my Cheetos binge problem. Then, instead of adding something substantial or stimulating, I’ve got a little more completely pointless celeb gossip to make my conversations shallower.

What is drivel? My drivel is the stuff that I don’t have to think to read or that don’t make me think about anything differently than I did before. It’s the music that hands meaning to you on a silver platter, but when you reach out and take it, it has no substance to grasp. It’s the conversations that start and end without going anywhere. No one should care about drivel.

But don’t we sometimes care? We scoop up the drool in our hands and call it precious information and valuable to our lives. We’re so confused.

I think we need better evaluating systems. I mean, on top of that, we need better media coverage and more good writers and speakers and artists, but sometimes they’re just catering to the audience. We want easily digestible, but in our search for something that will go down smooth we’ve skipped over all solid food and gone to body fluids.

This is the part where we all feel empowered to get our library cards and our best conversation topics and fill up on the good stuff. I bet we’ll have to start slow though, because when you haven’t eaten for days and down a four-course dinner, you usually throw up.


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