From and to

So far this morning, I have zipped up my suitcase, taken a car ride with my dad to the airport, checked my bag, taken off my shoes and probably contracted MRSA from the floor of the airport, heard a man call a Muslim woman a “jihadist” and wondered what is happening to humanity, and gotten crumbs from a scone all over my lap. So, when I stand up from here, someone will need to bring a broom.

I’m off to visit my family in Colorado today. I’m thinking about getting up at 5:30 every day. Life is nice in the morning. TSA is nice in the morning. Airport food is still overpriced in the morning, but some things never change.  My word today is airport, which is not the most original but it isn’t even 9 in the morning yet. Slack, please.

Airports are the places from where and to where airplanes travel. People flock to the airport to pick up and drop off. It’s the hub of the air traveling world. It’s where you see people from all over the place and can only wonder what their stories are.

I mean, think about it. People travel for all sorts of reasons, so the people in here are going to have tons of different stories. Like this woman here traveling with what looks like a 6-month old. This baby is already crying, and we haven’t even taken off. I’m sure she’s not traveling with a baby for her health. Or comfort. People travel for vacations, business, funerals, weddings, births, missions, education, adventure, escape…

I wonder what I’ve got on my flight.

Fortunately, my lap is now crumb – free, so I am clear to be an adult again.

Off we go. From this airport and to another.


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