Bad planning skills and lots of grocery store trips.

My family can’t go more than two days without going to the grocery store. In fact, I think I’ve been four times this week. And that’s just me.

Is that a problem? I’m not sure. It’s not like we fill up a full cart each time. Heck, last time all I bought was pizza sauce. We just don’t always plan ahead very well. Making a birthday cake (like I am today, for my dear, sweet, chocolate-loving mom)? Well, you’ll certainly make sure you have enough flour and sugar and eggs when you go to the store a few days before. You think you’re being proactive.

Then you get home and look at the recipe for the ganache and see that you need heavy whipping cream… the ONLY dairy product that is not currently in your fridge (other than cottage cheese). And it also calls for fine chocolate, but you’ll just punt and use semi-sweet chocolate chips. It’s worked before.

What’s a cook to do? Well, my parents found out that I wanted to make pizza tonight, and of course we’ve gone through the cheese in the past few days because I’m home now (vegetarians will tell you they eat alternative protein sources. Really, it’s just cheese, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt), so add that to the list. And they like meat, so they get pepperoni, too. Oh, and while we’re there, can we get cut flowers?

It’s a miracle to go through the process of cooking a meal or baking without finding that there was just one tiny thing we forgot. If we didn’t live five minutes from the grocery store, we’ probably plan better.

But instead we take fifteen to twenty minutes to get the required ingredient. (I’m convinced I’m the fastest of the three of us.)

You can say it’s attention to detail or doing the thing right. Or you can say we just really like to use our resources, like having the grocery store nearby. Or you can just say we’re not the best planners. That’s okay, too.

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