Works in progress

I’ve been home for over a week now, and only today did I gain the capability to walk across my room without lunging and pivoting around all the things on my floor. It’s still a work in progress, which means that I have to keep working in order to progress.

That’s a thought. “Work in progress” is a phrase I often use for something I’ve put on the back burner for a while. Oh, the plan to always have a clean bathroom and to never embarrass my parents by leaving my clothes on the bathroom floor? It’s a work in progress.  Or, my plan to have a plan for blogging for the next year that would give me some direction and exercise for my writing? Yeah, that’s a work in progress.

I think it essentially means I’ve hit a roadblock and instead of examining what the thing’s made of and looking at my toolbox, I scratched my head briefly and took another route for the time being.

So far I’m getting the idea that my summer won’t be about charging through new and uncharted territory. It’ll be about being faithful where I am. It’ll be about seeing roadblocks not as that which bar my path but as the path itself.

This is the character building stuff we all encounter at one point or another, the time when the new opportunities have run off and found other people, and we’re left looking at the same old projects we’ve been working on (or ignoring) for a while now. They’re those day-to-day tasks that we’d like to throw off because we think they don’t matter – maybe because the results aren’t big or fancy or immediate. They’re the people we find less exciting or more difficult to deal with, and in the times where we’ve got bigger fish to fry, we (or I) give them the short-lived kindness and little else.

If I’m in a place where nothing is being added to my life large-scale, I need to evaluate what is there. Who is there? What have I ignored by putting it on my incorrectly named “work-in-progress” list? In what do I need to progress while I wait for the barrier to move – or better yet, wait for the knowledge or tools to move it?

Maybe I’ll realize the tools were there all along – I just needed to dig deeper into the recesses of my toolbox.

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