Bus driver trust.

Today I’m taking the megabus to St. Louis. It’s an experience all about efficiency, so I have two inches in front of my knees. It seems there aren’t too many people keen on going to St. Louis or Memphis today, though, so the bus isn’t full, and I have a row to myself.

Travel always brings on at least a little anxiety for me. It’s just normal, the questions of will my alarm go off tomorrow morning? And will the construction on the brown line keep me from getting where I need to be? And will I find the bus stop since it’s moved for construction? All these difficulties surmounted, I’m on the bus and can relax.

The megabus people, though not excessively friendly on the whole, are so impressive. No need for pleasantries, and these are the rules. No, you can’t check two bags without another ticket. Yes, we are boarding through the back of the bus. Answer the same question three times in a row, as three people come up successively to ask the same thing.

I’ve got my home for the next 6 hours. It’s a seat in the middle at the top with an outlet.

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