Here and there.

Jesus is not in the business of letting me plan ahead right now. I’m stuck in the here and now, waiting on people to get back to me so I can know what I’ll be doing in a month and so I can plan.

He’s not about that.

I’m taking this as a sign that I need to be present in the here and now a bit more than I would be if I knew what would be going on in my life in a month.


Like right and left, here is relative to where you are. I’m here, you’re there. And you could say the same thing to me. “I’m here; you’re there.” It’d still be true. Because “here” has to do with time and place.

Someone has been making that word bold in the typeface of my day today. In church today we sang, “The King is here/the King is here/Hallelujah/God, you’re here” then moved on to talk about how we’ll never be the same because God is… what? Here.

So many layers to this. 1. Jesus came back from the dead, the main thing we’re celebrating today. That’s one here. He’s in the realm of the living.

2. He did that whole defeating death thing so we wouldn’t have to say, “Jesus is there, but I’m here.” We share a here.

3. God comes into the midst of our lives to change us. He doesn’t make us change our here but instead meets us right smack dab where we are. And he either changes us or our situations.

4. And that never changes. When Jesus comes into your here he’s there to stay, whether I’m surrendering to the changes he’s initiating or not. He’s in my here for good.

That’s making the whole, I’m stuck here and can’t even think about there because I don’t know where it is thing much more palatable. Jesus knows my future, and he’s present in that, too (because being in one place in time is for chumps), but he’s in my here, shaping it for the there and making me who I need to be in the here and there. 

Small words can pack a punch in your day.

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