Today’s a good day. Liesel and I started the day off with raspberry chocolate chip pancakes, then she got good news and so did I. The sun’s shining, and water is dripping off the rooflines in Chicago. It’s still chilly, but the vitamin D and hope the sun provides are enough to withstand any temperature. (I say that hoping it’s not put to the test)

I often want to be a cat on days like these. Granted, I don’t want to eat mushed up fish from a can or cough up hairballs, but I would love to spend today sleeping on a windowsill in the warm sunlight and purring. The alternative is to sit by the window and not purr but still be satisfied. It’s a pretty good substitute.

On bad days, I try to remember the good ones and to just keep pressing on towards what’s next, hoping that it’s better. I keep the day in perspective, remembering that not all days are like that. On good days, though, I feel more content, like I should just bask in the glory of a good day.

I’m thinking I should treat today like a grizzly bear might. I mean, I learned this year that bears don’t actually hibernate (WHAT? blew my mind), but they still eat while it’s warm and while there’s a food supply and live off their surplus in the dead of winter.

My good days are just as much of a catalyst to remember that not all days are like today. How can I seize the goodness of today and use it to propel me into tomorrow? I’m sure curling up like a cat would feel nice, but how would it bring more joy into the more dreary days where the sun goes behind thick layers of could cover and victories are scarce?

This won’t last forever. (Call me a Debbie downer) No really, it won’t. The sunshine will turn to dusk, and the weather will freeze all that just melted. So it’ll be up to me to remember how it feels to not despair that winter will last forever or that my to-do list will never be empty.

It’s the perspective of a harvester. Gather your crops while they’re alive. So, I’m harvesting sunlight and victories today.

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