Today’s a set-your-alarm-for-8-but-actually-wake-at-9 day and a -drink-coffee-pronto-then-eat-brunch-before-your-11:45-class day.

This semester I don’t have any classes before 9:50, so I tend to wake up just before 8… most days. But the mold count is really high in Chicago, which means sore throats and yuckiness for all of us who tend to react badly to that, so I decided extra sleep wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve been blogging less this week because I’m in three writing intensive classes and one not writing intensive class. It’s fabulous because it exercises all the writing muscles, but it’s also exhausting. My main project this semester is writing a 25 page manuscript that is in publishing condition. So, naturally, I chose to write a memoir about family and loss.

I can see why people feel like they need to write books about writing books. The entire process so far (and I’m barely in the shallow end) has been full of questions and decisions and strategizing about how to best organize this and where do you start and where do you end and do you change your family member’s names for their protection or put them in so they’ll feel like it’s about them (cuz it is). Where’s the best place to write? Should you have eaten before you write? Should you eat while you write?

Is it okay to write while you feel super nostalgic about your subject matter? Or should you give yourself a bit of distance first?

I might have to write a book about writing this manuscript. Then write a book about writing that book. And by then, I’ll have three books written about basically the same thing.

Or maybe I’ll just move on after it. Take down the process in a journal and move on.

In other news, I’m trying out a new natural deodorant because I don’t want cancer from putting aluminum and parabens in my armpits. Last time I tried this, it was freshman orientation and I felt like I smelled the entire time (miraculously, I still made friends).

This time, I need all of you who will be seeing (and smelling) me in the near future to be on high nostril alert. If you hug me and I smell, I want a report. Not kidding.



2 thoughts on “Newsy.

  1. Oh Ashley….I love you so much. I love this blog because it put my mind kind of in a whirlwind just reading it which is a good thing because it was kind of desolate. Sometimes my mind can go desolate at work. Totally understand the deodorant thing, although I have not changed for a long time. I would love to read your manuscript when you are done with it, although if you would rather not have me read it, that is fine too. Have a great weekend. Feel my hug.

    • Glad to send some wind through a desolate brain! Yeah it’s an adventure to change deodorants. I’m looking forward to knowing if it works or not. I’ll see if it’s something I’m ready to share! Maybe I’ll publish….

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