Training times two.

I’m on the CTA again, taking my first L ride of the new year. As dirty and crowded and unglamorous as the trains can be, I love it. I love having someone drive me around a familiar path while I read a book and feel the wheels churn on the track below me.
As familiar as this train ride from the northern end of the brown line to the Loop is, I’m venturing into unfamiliar territory today. First, I’m taking Amtrak to St. Louis. I’ve been there before so it’s not too unfamiliar, but my reason for going is a sales training for my job.
I know.
I packed for a sort of business trip yesterday, wondering if it was appropriate to bring my stuffed bunny with me.
I’m almost 21. God has brought me into a job during my college years where I have a reason to go to a sales training. How did that happen? It certainly wasn’t by my wonderful qualifications. I always marvel at how – even though I have a decent resume – the opportunities God brings my way rarely have anything to do with what I’ve already done. Not directly, at least. That means I’m nearly always unqualified.
Plus, I haven’t even finished my degree yet so that’s another part of it.
Last night, Liesel and I spent a solid five minutes having a fake argument in Italian accents, and this morning I got up before the sun (by about a half hour… Don’t be too impressed) to travel for work.
We probably shouldn’t make it sound that official. It’s just one sales training, and though I will feel out of place, I certainly won’t be the center of attention. It’ll go on like I fit there, like I am qualified to be there and not just a little upstart who doesn’t know what the heck she’s going to do with the rest of her life… Well, not for sure at least. There are too many possibilities at this point.
I’ve blogged about this before, probably a lot, about how I’m young and clueless, but God doesn’t seem to understand that I’m unqualified. Or maybe he understands better than I do.
This is why I can’t make a five-year plan, guys. Because I can’t even plan past five months.
So,  flying by the seat of my pants, and God is taking me places I didn’t know I’d ever go. Today, that place is St. Louis.


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