For sale: one high horse

FOR SALEIf you’ve watched as many 18th century British dramas as I have, the scenes where the heroine sails through the English countryside on the back of a noble steed while she processes her thoughts about the rich stud who is currently making her life miserable but will eventually be her husband probably appeals to you. There’s an air of freedom in those wide-lens shots where you see the sunlight filtering through the trees that surround the clearing where our heroine gracefully gallops.

Also, can we just envy her that this is her workout? I mean, I know it’s not easy to stay on a horse, but let’s get real – it’s the horse’s workout.

Though I’m not an avid horse fan every day, this image makes my heart swell. It’s probably the closest you can get to flying on the ground without an automobile, and the romance and drama of it all is thrilling.

Sometimes we let our horses serve a different purpose though, don’t we? And when I say we, I mean: mostly me and possibly you.

Sometimes we ride our horses through the throngs of people who just don’t know what they’re doing – but we do. We hold our noses high and keep our eyes half closed in snottiness and wave our hankies at the huddled masses who just can’t do anything right.

Sometimes we even smack them with our riding crop – get your act together. You see this horse? They don’t just let anyone ride these babies. You’ve gotta know what’s what.

Yeah, right, Ashley. You know what you’re doing and what you should be doing and what’s going on about as much as a baby. (And Liesel has informed me that although babies learn quickly, for a while after they’re born they can’t see anything clearly that isn’t right in front of them. Also, they can’t speak or communicate through any other medium than grunts and wails.)

The pastor at my home church spoke on Philippians 2 yesterday, where it talks about Jesus, God Incarnate who didn’t consider “equality with God as something to be grasped.” Grasped meaning, something to cling to or hold over people’s heads.

So, if Jesus is the highest and didn’t consider his position – as the actual authority over all – as something to flaunt, what do he do?

He took the form of a servant.

So… if the one being who actually could say he had it all together didn’t use his position as a self-made pedestal, what am I doing?

I’m selling my horse. You probably shouldn’t buy it unless you just really need something to ride to work. It’s easy to get stuck on there, looking down and neglecting to see that you’ve been parading yourself around dressed in dirty clothes with ketchup on your face and branches in your hair.

If I’m doing to do any horse riding, it needs to be to hurry to someone’s aid, to offer a lift, to give the horse some exercise and love.

Here’s to a new semester.



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