Taylor and me, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.58.54 PMHello from Minnesota, Taylor!

It’s been a while since I’ve given any formal type of communication. Sure, I made some desperate attempts at going viral, like dancing around my living room and my parents’ house, but that was mostly for fun.

In recent events:

– I celebrated your birthday with you. I thought about telling people it was my birthday because they so often issue the doppelgänger comment as “You ARE Taylor Swift”… but I thought that might be taking things a little far.

– I did a lot of baking around Christmastime and thought about how fun it would be if we were friends since we have a lot of the same hobbies. We could swap recipes and sneak around leaving sweet treats on all your fans’ doorsteps. Oh, it’d be great.

– Speaking of being sneaky, I watched you give thoughtful presents to all those fans and was so touched. I know people can say it was a publicity stunt, but publicity stunts usually look like scandal. And that was just plain sweet. Well done, Taylor.

– I rang in the new year an hour early and went to bed. Sorry I didn’t watch you on TV, but I had pressing, quiet, introverted matters to attend to.

That’s the gist of my life, other than working my three jobs and looking forward to a new semester in a few days.

We both had good years, you and me. I studied abroad and got a new job and got straights As last semester. Your album did, like, super well, and you made, like, a lot of money. We were both single all year, which is fine. (At least, I think you were single – it’s hard to tell because the magazines put up pictures they sneaked of you with a guy and frame it that you’re dating… but then they do that every week and are never right.) We’re strong women. It’s all good.

What will 2015 bring for us? Will we meet this year? Will you go on tour? Probably. Will I go on tour? Probably not. Will you come to my college graduation? Again, probably not.

No matter what the year brings, I promise to keep in touch. I’ll keep you apprised of when people tell me I look like you. (Update, I got that about 7 times last week. One time, the guy just said, “Taylor Swift” as I passed him to see if I’d look… which I did. It’s a habit from people at my college who don’t know my real name.)

Happy 2015, Taylor.




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