For those who can’t catch a break

Have you had one of those Mondays where you juuuust can’t catch a break, too?

Gotten to the station in time to see your train chugging away… twice? Made it home just in time to put the groceries away, grab a yogurt, clementine, and chocolate covered pretzels for dinner, and head to work, where you lock your stuff inside the door and have to go up and downstairs four times to get the key and return it?

Have you said, Jesus, I would like a break now. Can I catch one of those? Are there graces for me today?

And has He reminded you that the Spirit that is in you is greater than the one in the world? Has He reminded you that you are a fierce powerhouse of kindness, gentleness, perseverance, and love?

It makes your step a little firmer, your resolve a little more steady, your spirit less easily disheartened.

This is a pep talk.

If you’re about to head into finals at school, I feel you. For all the rest of you just living through this busy Advent season, I feel you, too. Can I remind you that cool air (which is a slight understatement for what we’re experiencing in the various parts of the Midwest I’ve been in recently… more like frigid) can fill your lungs with purpose? Can I suggest that in busy times we have more prompts to ask for help?

You’re a bull. You’re going to charge into whatever faces you this week. Mondays may be rough, but they can’t get you down. It wasn’t all bad, was it? There was that good conversation and that victory.

And for me, there will be dinner after this last half hour of work. There is this time where few people are coming in to the writing center, so I have time to get my work done.

We can do this. We can do more than just get through it. We can thrive in pressure, whether its our natural inclination or not.

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