Bad mood combat mode.

Last night, Liesel and I found ourselves more tired than when the weekend began, which – though not uncommon – signifies a definite need for a break.

Then this morning, the raining, chilly, and windy. I don’t mind chilly rain, but pair that with a cold wind and I’m cursing all of nature. Curse you for not being pleasant. The rest of us were trying to be, but apparently some one wasn’t kind to you yesterday, and now you’re taking it out on all of Chicago. That’s not a healthy way to deal with disappointment and hurt, Nature. You should try to be more others centric and kind. Why add more mean and nasty to the world? We don’t need it.
So I’m going into bad-mood combat mode.
Step 1: find a reason to smile…. Right now.
My reason: someone behind me on the train smells faintly of pine needles and nice men’s cologne. That’s a reason to smile.
Step 2: Think of all the possibilities for today (not the possible disasters, mind you, but the opportunities and possible joys).
Mine: I get to help organize my office today. It might stop raining before I go home. I get to start packing to go to Minnesota tomorrow. I GET TO GO TO MINNESOTA TOMORROW. I also have tasty pasta with a sauce I made up yesterday for lunch today. Yay, leftovers.
Step 3: Be friendly. Typically being friendly brightens both my day and the other person’s day. Something about successful, positive social interaction with friendly strangers is a happy circumstance.
Step 4: Rinse and repeat. The rinsing part won’t be hard for Chicagoans today.
Happy Monday, ya’ll.

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