Friday attitude.

Did you know that attitude is everything? Would you like me to remind you?
I’ve had a full week. Liesel and I spent our lunch time in Tuesday planning out when we were going to do all the things we need to in the next week, while eating pizza. We covered about nine sheets of paper with colorful Sharpies (and inhaled way too many fumes… Well, at least for me. Liesel likes the smell of Sharpies. She also complains that I always mention her in weird contexts here so I should also add that she likes the smell of bleach. Wait, that didn’t help. She cleans for fun? Nope, not that either. She loves pizza. There, that’s it. She gives great hugs, especially on days where I need it. She always hugs me for at least twenty seconds so that we’ll both get a release of her favorite hormone, oxytocin. See? She’s cool.) and posted them on the wall in our living room so we will be on top of all of our tasks.
Being on top of things, though satisfying, makes me tired. It’s like riding a bull to manage my schedule and responsibilities all day. I know I don’t even have as much going on as other people do, but the bull I’m trying to ride is hyper and angry and unpredictable.
So today I had class and work. And then more work. And I wasn’t looking forward to that more work, which I causing interacting with someone about their paper. Then again with another person and again.
I ran home from the train to brush my teeth and get the papers. Hi Liesel. Bye Liesel. Then proceed to spend two and a half hours in the library on a Friday. What else do I have to do? As I walked down the stairs to go to the library, I took a deep breath and asked Jesus to remind me why I love my job, to make it fulfilling.
And now I remember. I don’t always remember that I need to ask to remember (did that make sense?), but when I ask, I receive. This is one thing Jesus seems to grant on the spot, reminders that I’m doing what He has called me to do and that doing it with joy is important.
Happy Friday. May joy in your calling characterize your day.

One thought on “Friday attitude.

  1. Thank you for this Ashley. I also need a reminder. Every Monday I somewhat grumble but then on my drive to work, I thank God for the Monday and for my job (with a little side of saying, I still do not want to go to work). But I ask that I will be a joy to someone and be Christ like and you are correct, He gives me calmness on the spot and encourages me and gives me energy. God is soooooo good and love having Him in my life. Loved this one on this Monday morning so thank-you, have a great week and hope you have safe journey home for Thanksgiving.

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