22 ounces plus.

FOREST CREATURES & WOODLANDSI used to drink one cup of coffee everyday. Just one. I was fine with that. I drank it in the morning then sometimes in the afternoon. It rarely even required any discipline to limit me to that one cup.

I think Europe ruined me. Or junior year did. Something took away my one-cup habit and turned it into a how-ever-many-cups-I-crave habit. The Keurig at my internship is just too accessible, and our one cupper at home is so easy to use… Coffee is within reach at all times. And unless it’s after 4:00, I rarely turn down a cup of coffee.

Usually, if I drink more than three cups of coffee in one day, I’m a nervous wreck with jitters and super fast talking and strange comments. But I know something has changed because today, I drank that entire French press of coffee at 12:30pm, which is a 22 ounce French press, by the way, and I didn’t feel any different.

I assumed I’d get home and Liesel would notice some strange behavior or twitches or speech, but apparently I am acting normal to those who know me best, too.

This is a problem. 22 ounces of coffee should affect me more than increasing my trips to the restroom. Should I detox? Well, coffee isn’t really toxic. I mean, I’m experiencing no ill-effects as of right now. I suppose that could change around bedtime, but I’m not anticipating that. I’ve even yawned a few times in the past two hours.

I should probably just cut back. I should probably deny myself that third, 3:00pm cup of joe. I should switch to tea. Water. Something else.

I never thought my coffee tolerance would be this disturbing. I feel like a real college student now. I drank an entire pot of coffee and still didn’t get a caffeine buzz! 

I’ll let you know how that cutting back goes. Monday’s tomorrow, so maybe I’ll start on Tuesday.


One thought on “22 ounces plus.

  1. Good morning Ashley: I would definitely start tomorrow. Do not ever do anything drastic on a Monday. Oh my….believe me I know. I am that way too with coffee, that if I drink too much, I get the jitters and my mouth goes 90 miles an hour. When I am with Anne, she says to me in a harsh tone, “stop drinking coffee Dawn”. It is hard for me to hear because it coffee is the thing to do when sitting and having a conversation but I understand where she is coming from. My Dad is the same way and we have had to make decaf and then just not tell him it is decaf. Anyways, I am babbling because, yes, I have had my coffee and it seems to affect my fingers for e-mailing too. Love you. Have a great week.

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