Stand up blogging

I don’t know if I’ve ever written a blog post while standing. It probably has never happened before.

I’m guessing that I wasn’t swaying and trying not to bump into the throngs of people in a brown line car if I have done this standing up thing before. It’s nice to break up the monotony of commuting with something new.
Balance and blog.
Let’s multi-task.
I had a profound thought at some point last night and didn’t have time to give it space in my brain. I had a poem about garlic to attend to. As always, I assumed I would remember and be able to put it in my blog today. And, as always, I forgot because I didn’t write it down.
Use it or lose it, they say.
So we’ll just have to deal with less than profound.
Today marks the middle of a busy week. Busy because my brain has more things to think about that I have to do. That might seem relaxing, but my brain is too disorganized for this to not be stressful.

I’m learning to make sense of disorder, to deal with that nagging feeling that stirs up my gut and says I’m forgetting something.

I really hope I’m not.
In other news, Chicago is most beautiful on sunny days, even when it’s cold. I walked back from Buddies today since the bus wasn’t going to be coming for about as long as it would take me to walk home. I craved French fries the whole way (but refrained) and gazed longingly into every single coffee shop I strode past, again, refraining since I’m trying to not drink three cups every single busy day.
So hard to not just brew a cup every time I feel sleepy. There are better ways to be energized, even though coffee tastes… Oh, so good.
I’ll never understand why one of my high school teachers called it demon juice.
Oh, no, this is a holy beverage.
I could probably do the CTA announcements at this stage in the game, just for the brown line.
That’s pretty satisfying. At least I’m getting something out of this commute.

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