Oh, crap, she’s up.

I learned what Neosporin is for today. I’d obviously never thought much about it, because until today, I thought it just made your wound sting more. Makes no sense. Why use it?

You’re totally missing the point, says my nursing major roommate. Then she gets the gravel out of my knee with a Qtip from the very public spill I took today on the sidewalk (where my knee got scraped… but my tights remained intact! A small victory) on my way to work. I dab Neosporin on it, and I’m guaranteed to have this thing heal faster.

It was a Monday.

I’ve noticed that my Mondays include a lot more spills and near spills (I almost poured coffee all over my keyboard at work today) when I get up and spend time with Jesus before I get going.

I’ve always loved this quote:

So, not that I’m such a powerhouse for Jesus when I spend time with Him without being distracted, but Jesus is such a powerhouse that when I spend time with Him, it has the power to change the way I interact with people all day. So naturally, Satan rubs his icky little hands together and conspires to make me trip over uneven sidewalks, nearly miss my train, and get rained on – having left my umbrella at home.

Ohhh, those little defeats. They have a lot of power over me, most days. I think there’s a lot of power in calling Satan’s bluff, however. Because it is a bluff. His hand sucks.

I see what you did there, little man downstairs. I see the pitfalls you threw my way. While I don’t appreciate them and certainly will not tell you to keep them coming, I choose to see them positively. I now know how to trip gracefully while wearing high heels and passing people on the sidewalk. I know what Neosporin does because I skinned my knee. I will have the coolest scab in a few days. I’m not thanking you, but I know that my God works all things for my good because I love Him and am called to a life lived for Him. I would like you to shake in your boots when you know I’m awake. 

Here’s to little defeats and seeing them as victories.

[side note: you know you’re a klutz when you have a tag on your blog for “tripping”… and it’s been used before]

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