Overrated crumbs.

There are few things about wearing a bulky scarf around your neck that are bad. The good things always outweigh the bad (unless the bad is that it doesn’t match my outfit… which sometimes doesn’t hinder me from doing it anyways). One of said bad things is that the bulky scarf can shame you by retaining crumbs of whatever it is you have eaten while wearing it, shaming you simultaneously for choosing the cookie over the vegetables and for being such a sloppy eater that you got crumbs in your scarf. Points gained for style. Points lost for cookie crumb retainment.

“Pastors and leaders are overrated.”

That’s what my pastor said today, and no, it’s not related to crumbs in my scarf. My pastor preached a sermon about what it means to please God, and he said he, himself, is overrated.

And he meant it.

“Don’t get excited about people,” he said. “Get excited about Jesus.”

Even if you don’t get excited about Jesus, can you just marvel for a moment at the selflessness and humility it takes to say that genuinely? Don’t get excited about me. Sure, I’m funny, insightful, godly, and amazing in general, but I’m overrated. Really. Let me point you to the one who is truly exciting. 

I want that perspective, to have the clear-headedness to see that even though my position (should I ever have one as influential and powerful as the pastor of a thriving church) is necessary, helpful, and changing lives, I’m not all that. Perhaps that’s where our politicians go astray, seeing their name on neighborhood signs too many times, telling people their name and why they’re worthy over and over again. I wonder if the self-promoting nature of our world has lead us to believe that once we don’t have to convince people that we’re capable anymore, we’ve somehow made it.

Is that when our smiles get cheesy and our hair gets coiffed and we start wearing skirt suits and pant suits? (I have nothing against skirt suits and pant suits as a concept for people who genuinely like them, but I’m so bothered by the idea that women think they have to wear them in a professional environment. I’m sure not everyone likes them) Is that when we stick out our hands to people and introduce ourselves by name and profession, instead of extending our hearts to meet theirs?

What makes me exciting? Probably the way Jesus has and is changing me. I bet that’s the most exciting thing about me, and it’s not even the most active part of my life, to be honest. Jesus sometimes has to be a backseat driver because that’s where I stick him. If that’s still the most amazing part of my life, that says a lot about Jesus.

I suppose that has something to do with extending my heart to someone instead of my resumé – letting Jesus be the one who runs my mouth instead of me, remembering that I’m overrated.

I’m going to try to remember that I’m overrated this week.

It shouldn’t be hard since I keep doing things like getting crumbs all over myself.

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