Healthy seasons.

Just a little thought before I get going: Sometimes, people on the CTA are creepy. And I’d like to think that they aren’t trying to be creepy. Whoops, I just keep accidentally looking at you when you’re zoning out in my direction. And you didn’t really mean to do that, but you just did. Now you probably feel awkward.

I mean, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt because I feel like I’ve been accidentally creepy before. It wasn’t on purpose, I promise!

If you’ve ever seen me on the CTA, staring at you, please come up with a good excuse for me. I probably have one.

I feel like I’ve been posting about the CTA a lot lately, so I’ll move on.

I’ve got this things for reminiscing about season changes, so I’ve started making Spotify playlists for each season of the year as it relates to my life. I’ve started one for fall. Take a listen if you like indie folk music and other random lovelies, many with the word “fall” in the title.

It’s probably healthier for me to honor each season change than to hang onto my shorts and tank tops in denial, even though the weather has put a ban on warm weather clothing. Denial is rarely a healthy response.

Speaking of healthy responses, in the spirit of having a very “Monday” post of random ideas, I’ve reached my settled in point now. Of course, not everything is solidified yet since we’re only 5 weeks into the semester, but I’m learning how to be self-propelled at my internship, I’ve got a schedule for most of the week down, and I have a countdown going for how many days til I get to go home for Thanksgiving break. Still got that double-mindedness of wanting to be here fully and wanting to be where my family is. I suppose I’ll never lose that.

In case you were wondering, it’s at 57 days.

I’m sure now that I’ve said that I’m settled in, tornados will come through and uproot. Then I’ll have to settle into a new normal, but such is life. Maybe not after your twenties or something, but it seems like that’s pretty much life for me right now. Just keep adapting.

In the spirit of national coffee day, please have a cup. Also, remember that Tuesdays are always better than Mondays. so, you have something to look forward to.


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