Last night, I asked Liesel, “do you ever wonder where all the snot that comes out of your nose comes from? Like, how does that all fit in my head?” (sorry for the graphicness here. I have a cold and was amazed at how many times I could blow my nose in a row.)

She, being the knowledgeable nursing major she is, didn’t have to wonder. “It comes from your lungs.”

And here I was, wanting to believe that my lungs were some slightly fleshier version of a bellows. Not really enjoying the image of mucus all up in there.

She explains to me why this is so, how colds work, and dispels some more of my ignorance about my body.

Then, because she’s tired and hasn’t had the best day, I work out some of the knots in her back while we watch tv.

This is my roommate, Liesel. It’s high time you met her. I’ve alluded to her multiple times, but she’ll be coming up more this year since we have 9 whole months in the same apartment.

We met freshman year. Our story is unique, because we were pen pals before we were friends.

She read my blog post where I wrote a poem about the post office, and then she sent me a letter, saying she also loved the post office.

Then one time, she lent me a hair tie in choir, and I mailed it back to her. She says that’s when she knew we would be good friends, because a) no one ever returns hair ties and b) I did it by mail.

Then we had a super awkward breakfast at the Swedish restaurant by campus. But we both realized (on our own) that one awkward breakfast does not a friendship kill.

So we tried again. And it was great.

We have the most fun. For real.

I remember meeting Liesel at choir tryouts. She says the way I tell the story makes her seem timid and really quiet… but she was quiet.

I’ve since learned that she’s only quiet sometimes.DSCN4729

We had so many adventures freshman year. City targets where you ride the escalator next to your cart. DSCN4730

And the pasta place on state street during freshman year where I practically proposed marriage but really just asked her to be my roommate for the next year…. in October…. Yes, I plan ahead. (And no, they didn’t have good lighting, so we both look weird in this picture.)

Funny thing is, she’d been thinking the same thing.

We like to explore. Liesel doesn’t mind getting lost and walking all over the place before we find something, and neither do I.

We enjoy British tv. And not British tv. And garlic. And dessert. (You would be shocked at how much we bake for two people… but we also love sharing food. We get a strange pleasure out of sharing… and watching people eat the things we’ve made)

And here we are this year, brought back together after our travels all over the world (she in Ecuador) and living in an apartment that isn’t a closet. It’s actually so nice. We frequently say (like Jimmy Fallon in Downton Sixbey), “I love this place. I hope I die hyeahhhh [here].”
IMG_20140830_190308Usually, in Liesel’s dreams I am super grumpy and curmudgeony. However, last night I got to be the normal one. I wanted to go downtown and walk around, but Liesel refused. She needed to… (this is weird, remember, it’s a dream) condition her…. legs.

Yes. We did eat before bed.

So in her dream, instead of us having an adventure in the great city of Chicago, she sat on our couch and poured milk all over her legs.

We’re a strange pair, but we like it.

We drink a lot of coffee, but we compost our coffee grounds, so it’s changing the world.

And we’re having a lovely Saturday morning in our pajamas with coffee. So now I shall say sayonara.



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