It IS a good day.

It’s a beautiful day outside. My cold is ebbing away into nothingness, and I’m more than prepared for my math test today. So… why did I seethe all the way home after getting stood up for a writing conference that I reminded the student about yesterday?

Oh, Ashley. Calm it down. Just because you think it’s really valuable to show up places when you say you’ll be there doesn’t mean that this student is not a good person.

Eat your apple and remember that you’ve let people down in annoying ways before. You’re not immune to this disease.

In other news, my pharmacy does delivery. And I had an incredible, edible omelet for breakfast this morning and two cups of coffee. It’s not a day when the garbage truck wakes me up, and I have time to work ahead on some projects today, which I haven’t been able to do much so far this year.

There’s a check in the mail for me.

Jesus is still the same as he was yesterday. He’s still the God who said it was worthwhile to come to earth and show us how to live. He’s still the God who loved enough to die and conquer death, no easy task.

I have fun homework in my poetry class.

I have a plane ticket to go home for Thanksgiving.

There’s still a little bit of pie left from this weekend.

I still have a lot of hours left in the day in which to choose to walk with God. I haven’t abandoned my calling yet today.

I have air to breathe and lungs that can take it in deeply.

And we have parmesan Goldfish.

So really, today’s not bad at all. There’s a little nick of disappointment, but the rest is good. Or has the potential to be.

Some things really are what you make them.


One thought on “It IS a good day.

  1. Hey Ashley: Love this one. For some reason it makes me want to journal. It is something how one little disappointment can happen and yet you turn everything around and make it good and remind us how Good our God is all the time and what I love the most is He is the same as yesterday….no changes at all. Thank you for this. I needed this today. Love you.

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