Obsessions and tea.

Hi there. Last time we talked, I was hoping I didn’t have a cold and had drunk about two cups of tea already that day. Well, the next day I upped the number to six and kept it up on Saturday to basically just drink tea all weekend.
I also gargled apple cider vinegar. So now my cold is on its way out of town. Funny thing is that I had just been telling someone about how I had a great immune system now that I’d actually started eating other forms of protein in my vegetarian diet.
Pride cometh before a cold.
So, the cold is on its way out, and I’m on my way back to normal.
I tried to get up earlier this morning as a start to a commitment to spend more time alone with God. I ended up snoozing until ten minutes before my normal alarm.
Well, it’s a start.
This is real life. Maybe I’ll make it to twenty minutes earlier tomorrow.
My roommate and I also have a severe obsession with pizza. I use those intense words because it really is that dire.
We talk about pizza almost every day. And when we don’t have a frozen pizza we have both been known to admit that we’ve both been fighting the urge to order it all day.
Yesterday, Liesel made pies. While the oven was preheating, I could smell the pizza cheese burning on the bottom of the oven.
“Oh, it smells like pizza.” Hear the desperation in that tone.
Liesel laughed. “Oh, this sweatshirt smells like my ex-boyfriend. No, it’s ‘Oh, the oven smells like piiiizzzaaaaaa.'”
It’s a big deal.
We think frozen pizza is underrated and that thin crust and slightly spicy sauce is next to godliness.
In other, unrelated news, the guy sitting next to me on the L (who can hopefully not read my screen), is carrying a teenage mutant ninja turtles mug and a banana.
I’m sure he’s a fabulous person.
That being said, I wish you a happy Monday full of pizza, tea, and interesting encounters.

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