Cozy tea day.

Today is a tea day. It was also a sleep-in-and-have-weird-post-alarm-clock-dreams day, then put a hoodie over your pajamas and don’t get dressed til it’s mandatory day. I joke that I’m a true Minnesotan because I’m allergic to every season but winter, but really, it’s true. I’ve been feeling my throat get progressively sorer throughout this week. Eventually, it’ll go away because everything will freeze. But until then, I’ll keep drinking tea, gargling salt water, and wearing scarves.

Yes, it’s scarf weather. Scarf and cardigan weather. It might not stick around, but it’s here for at least right now.

I’ve had English Breakfast and Ginger Pear so far. Apfel-Gingko might be next.

Today is a day I wish I could fill our apartment with smells of pumpkin baking into something wonderful from Pinterest, and we could sit wrapped up in cozy blankets and watch tv or just talk or take naps. But then I remember that we don’t have pumpkin, we do have homework and class, and it’s not the weekend.

So instead, I’ll go to math class and work and bring my tea with me as a remnant of my desire to be cozy and warm and at-rest today.

And I’ll use the mug with the awkward picture of my friends and me on it for my tea, because life is better when you have personalized mugs.


Welcome, fall. It’s nice to have you (and your allergens…. not) back in Chicago. Next time, could you deliver a couple can sod pumpkin to my doorstep when you swing by?


One thought on “Cozy tea day.

  1. I love walking with you through this blog. I also love fall. It is cozy, good smelling, and romantic to me. I just wish it could last longer than it does. I love cozy blankets, sweatshirts, a little jacket, etc. Right with ya girlfriend. Have a good day.

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