No one else can play your part, a prayer on suicide prevention day.

We’ve wondered why we hurt, Lord. Some of us more than others.  And there have been days where we thought it might be better to leave it all behind. God, we’ve been in darkness.

Bring us your light. Meet us where we are. Remind us that you knew us before we were even thought of, pre-utero, before our parents were born or met each other, you knew us and had a purpose for our lives. Remind us of that, because sometimes our vision gets short-sighted.

Let it be now that you carry us. Send us your people to show us how valuable and needed we are. Send us someone to remind us that you are present in pain and that your power is made perfect in weakness. Touch our hearts with hope, God.

If there’s anything we can’t manufacture ourselves besides salvation, God, it’s hope.

Press into the pain, Lord. Bring light to darkness. Bring hope to the hopeless.

You’ve done it before, and we ask you to do it again. Remind us that no one else can play our part.

2 thoughts on “No one else can play your part, a prayer on suicide prevention day.

  1. What thoughtful words and heartfelt empathy. Truly you have a heart like Christ! Thank you for your persistent blogs. Maybe you should consider seminary!

  2. Thank-you for this. I have several people in my life right now who really need to read this so I am able to share it with them. I hope your day is awesome.

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