Updates for Taylor.

Dear Taylor Swift,

It’s been a while since I’ve written, mostly because you didn’t respond the last three times. But that’s okay. I mean, what’s that they say: if at first you don’t succeed, keep writing letters?

I just wanted to update you on our life in general, because there’s a part of my life that belongs to you, and I think you should know about it.

1. Last night, I startled a woman in the store I work at, because she thought I was you.

2. People in Austria aren’t super familiar with you, so I had 5 months off of being told that I must be your long-lost twin (at least, for the most part). You’ve got to go to Vienna or something, girl.

3. Your story about the popsicle sticks and building a house for your toy bears in the attic on Jimmy Fallon? Yes, that is a little bit pathetic. But also adorable. It’s a life skill to be able to entertain yourself. This is probably why you’re good at entertaining others. I used to jump rope with a tree during the years between when my sister went to school and when I got to go. So, yeah. We both have fairly similar childhood stories.

Those are my top three for right now.

I’ll be back with more, just in case you don’t get this and jump at the chance to know your doppelgänger.

Here are the links to the other letters I’ve written you, just in case you don’t know why I’m writing you: because we look strangely alike, because I like to offer unsolicited advice, because you copied my hair , and because every time I do this, my blog gets lots and lots of views.

You hang in there. I know you feel like part of you is missing, and let me just say – it’s me. Let’s do lunch sometime and fill the twin-hole in your heart.



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