Public blessings.

Since I’ve got under two weeks til I head back to school in Chitown, I’ve been packing my days full of people. I’ll have you for breakfast, you for lunch, and you for half apps. And you, we’ll do something active because I’ve been eating a whole lot.

Audrey and I have been cruising all over town to meet up with treasured friends. I’ve been reminded of a few things over these past couple weeks.

1. I need people. Without people, I lose perspective. When I don’t tell my stories and hear others’ stories, I forget where my life fits into the grand scheme. Not that I can’t find any significance in my life on my own, but it’s hard to see your life from the outside. I had no idea that story was so funny until I shared it with you. You have given me joy in my story. My people sometimes rejoice at the mundane or marvel at the perplexing. It’s a gift.

2. Though friendship across many miles and phases of life can be difficult, it’s rewarding, too. Sure, sometimes you need to let people fly to the people who are really theirs now, but sometimes your fight to hang onto each other has strengthens your friendships and increases its value.

3. Fiction is no substitute for reality. As much as I enjoy my books and tv shows and imaginings, they lack the real dimensions. You can’t talk to a fictional character and have them respond. (If you can, that’s a problem.) They can’t commiserate and be compassionate or laugh with you until the people around you are probably wondering if you’re sober or not. (you totally are) Fictional people can’t point out your quirks (like apparently how I unintentionally flirted with a barista-man and another guy I didn’t know… when I just thought I was being awkwardly friendly) and tell you they think you’re wonderful because of them.

This post is more for me than anything else. Sometimes you need to count your blessings in public so that you have something to look back on.


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