Is there anything cuter than an animated mouse?

To prove my point, I give you: Roquefort



What’s cuter than a little mouse with oversize ears who loves to read?

Fievel Mousekewitz

Need I say more?

Isn’t your heart just bursting with the cuteness? Are you pouting and saying, “Awwww, wittle mousie” like me?

If not, please try again.

So I’ve been conditioned to like animated mice. They’re adorable. I thought up until today that I wouldn’t like mice in real life, but it turns out, I feel almost the same about them in real life… as long as they’re not darting across the floor of our family room while we’re trying to watch She’s Having A Baby  (Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern, anyone?). Not as cute. No requests for cheese or cracker eating or sweet songs about finding your loved ones.

Let the record show that I have few, if any, happy feelings about rats.

I was sitting on the upper deck this afternoon, enjoying a cookie in the nice weather, when I looked down at the lower deck and thought to myself, Hey, self, is that the mouse that we saw last night?

Might’ve been. Either way, it was a tiny little mouse with little pink hands. And it just sat there, not minding that I came over and talked to it.

Then I threw a pinecone close to it to see if it would move, and it darted under the deck, probably looking for a reentry point to our house. I’m not sure I understand, little mouse.If you could have our whole backyard and the deck to hide under while it rains, why would you want to come inside where there are humans who aren’t super interested in your presence? (To say the least. The mousie visitor last night got chased out with a toilet plunger and a carpet rake)

Mousie, if you know what’s good for you, stay outside. I’ll come admire your cute little whiskery nose and your pink paws and tell you how tiny you are. Then you can not come in my house and not find the traps that are set for you. It’s just not hygienic for us to co-exist in the same place, you know? You don’t want my diseases; I don’t want yours.

So, stay outside, lil mousie, okay? And stay cute. At least you’re on my good side.


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