So far.

I’ve come up with a few things I’ve learned since I’ve been here. So I’m listing them here, in no particular order, before I’m done learning.

I love mountains.
I enjoy a good cup of tea, though it can’t replace my coffee.
Trains are my favorite way to travel.
Packing light is always the way to go.
Yes, you can wear that again before washing it.
How to navigate a foreign city.
Staying in people’s homes is such a beautiful thing. (also, I look forward to hosting when I have my own home)
Often the most beautiful things come from the most unlikely places.
Four and a half months just barely scratches the surface. It would take years to know this place.
It’s not “tsv-eye-bul”, it’s “tsv-ee-bul”. (zwiebel)
You can’t make everyone love you but you can show love to everyone regardless of the way they feel about you.
Jesus never leaves my side.
Community is essential.
Prosciutto is not a cheese.
Going broke can be worth it to have adventures.
Realizing that it’s hard and trying anyways is half the battle.
Be over prepared but still pack light. It’s a delicate balance.
Love finds a way.
Cultural boundaries are not high walls. They are gates.
European chocolate wins.
Strudel is possible to make. Difficult, but possible.
Love is always worth the effort.
Sometimes you just have to put your fork in your mouth and try whatever’s on it. Literally and metaphorically.
When in doubt, walk somewhere.
Life isn’t about how you look.
Smiles are pretty universal.
Even if the person doesn’t smile back, it doesn’t mean it didn’t touch their heart.
Tram drivers will not wait if you are ten meters away when the doors close. Even if you run.
There are worse things than being late.
Be alert when walking at night.
But don’t be paranoid if you can help it.
I love old stuff.
Austrian homes are just about the cutest things ever.
I like eggs.
A lot.
A little dancing can make your day brighter.
Ballet isn’t easy.
You see stuff differently when you walk. You can get away with being strange when you’re foreign. “Oh this is my culture.”
There are some incredibly kind and selfless people in the world.
The world is both enormous and tiny. Enormous because there’s so much going on and tiny because what? You know them too? How? That’s crazy!
Bikinis aren’t for me. Especially when they’re pink and sequined.
You don’t need to buy stuff to be happy. FaceTime and Skype are God’s way of reminding us that we are not alone.
T-Mobile is the best phone company ever for having international data and texting roaming included in their plans.
God meets you when you’re feeling low. God meets you on mountains.
God chases you down roads when you’re started walking without you.
God sends random people to change your life.
God loves me and you.
The amount of good food in the world is proof of that.
Jesus is worth my time.
And I love Austria.


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